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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [06.27.07]
Manufactured by: Logitech


It Feels....Different...

One of my only complaints about the Alto is that the included full sized keyboard has a very soft touch. Though perhaps preferred by some users, I found the key responsiveness is more like a regular keyboard than a laptop, but very unlike any other keyboards I have owned. The only word I can use to describe it is shallow. Admittedly the soft touch hasn't had any effect on my gaming or my typing speed, but some picky users might be turned off by it.

As previously mentioned the Alto's stand is supported by a pair of vertical plastic support braces that click into place when setup. It's pretty apparent from the shot below why I was originally concerned about their ability to support my widescreen gaming laptop as they are virtually dwarfed in comparison, however as mentioned above stability and durability is not an issue, even with a 10lbs+ desktop replacement unit.

On the back corner we can see one of the USB ports included as part of the Alto's USB hub feature. There are an additional two at the back, all of which are supported through the keyboards USB connection to your laptop. This side location is perfect for anyone using a wired mouse, in particular for people that use their laptops as portable gaming machines.

Keyboard status LEDs are located to the right of the Alto's base which is in perfect viewing area for anyone using a 15inch laptop or smaller. With a 17inch laptop they can be slightly hidden though not completely out of sight. There is also a keyboard lock button which disables the built in keyboard functionality in case you are only interested at that moment in the Alto's built in USB hub functionality.

At the rear of the unit we can see the single USB connection required to connect the Alto's keyboard and USB hub to your laptop. Additionally we can see two additional USB ports at the bottom of the unit as well as an optional power adapter plug in for those who wish to run USB devices which require more power than what can be supplied by the USB port itself.

A Happier Healthier Gamer

And here's a shot of the unit setup and ready to go. Here we can see the two largest advantages of the Alto.

First up is the full keyboard layout in a low tilt environment. With the thickness of desktop replacement laptops and the keyboards inset location, long typing sessions can cause extensive wrist fatigue. With the Alto, it is the same as using a standard keyboard placed directly on your desk.

Secondly, the Alto allows you to place your laptop screen in a much more comfortable viewing location.

By raising the laptop screen to at eye level the Alto makes for a much more comfortable computing experience. This is also done without raising the level of the keyboard something that is an issue with many other laptop stands.

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