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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [06.27.07]
Manufactured by: Logitech


And Now for Something Different...

Every now and then it's nice to take a break from reviewing hardcore hardware components to take a look at some of the interesting computer accessories that are found on the market. As much as we all love the smell of fresh PCB in the morning, the majority of technophiles are also everyday working Joes who not only enjoy the nitty-gritty of hardware technology as a hobby, but who also have to work with different levels of the same technology on an every day basis.

With that in mind, today we will be looking at the new Alto laptop stand from Logitech. At first glance a laptop stand seems nothing but mundane, but I urge you to read on, as the Alto from Logitech is actually one of the most useful accessories I've ever reviewed.

Technology Can Be Useful?

So what exactly is the Alto anyway? On first glance the majority of people think that it's a docking station. Those people are of course are terribly wrong. The Alto is in fact a portable laptop stand that is, in my opinion, better than any docking station on the market.

Like many other great products before it, the Alto is so simple in concept that one wonders why it hasn't been done before. In short the Alto is a compact and portable laptop stand that has a built-in full sized keyboard and USB hub.

As you can see, folded up the Alto is just slightly longer than my 17inch widescreen Inspiron. Basically carrying the Alto along is akin to carrying a second, albeit much lighter weight, laptop around with you.

The Alto's casing is made from a black brushed aluminum which is aesthetically pleasing. The flip hinge is made of a rubber material which doubles as a stable non-slip base for your laptop when placed in the stand.

The stand itself is made of durable plastic and flips up at a 45 degree angle before locking into place using a clipping system at the rear of the stand. I was slightly concerned at first whether or not the Alto would be able to handle the weight of my 8lb Inspiron laptop but I had no need to be. The Alto had no problems even when tested with an 11lb Alienware laptop.

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