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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.07.07]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte



As with every case, it's always nice when it looks great both with the lights on and with them off. Along with the 120mm LED fan lighting, the 3D Aurora 570 also features a small LED just below the front access ports which reflect nicely off a shiny blue plastic molding.

The 3D Aurora 570 features the same customizable LED beam directed at the base of the front bezel that was found on the original 3D Aurora.  We loved this feature then and we love it just as much then. 

Nothing quite expresses your individuality quite like your name projected in lights from the bottom of your computer tower!

A Little Something Extra

Typically I don't go into the included bundle when reviewing cases, as they are pretty standard, however I had to make a quick mention of the included bundle for the 3D Aurora 570.

Mixed in with the standard drive rails, power adapters and case keys is a gigabyte branded chamois cloth which is perfect for shining up your new aluminum case. Now I admit that a branded cloth is nothing to get overly excited about, but after dealing with so many skimpy bundles I'm always happy to see when a manufacturer is willing to offer that little extra something to their customers.

With the 570 version of the 3D Aurora, Gigabyte have essentially made a good thing even better. I was a fan of the original 3D Aurora case when I originally reviewed it, and now after 15 months of usage I am just as happy with it as ever.

There were however some nagging little issues with the former case, all of which Gigabyte took into account and fixed for the new 570 version of the case. In fact it is very hard for me to find anything about the new 570 version of the case that I don't like.

In fact the only thing I can find about the case that I don't really enjoy is the power and reset buttons. I preferred the recessed versions found in the older case. I might also complain that the case is too long to fit inside some standard desks...but at that point I'm digging really hard for something negative to say.

With that said, there isn't any possible way that I couldn't recommend this case. In my opinion (and this might not match yours) it has the perfect mix of bling-bling flash and clean sophisticated styling.

If you add in the interchangeable side panel, customizable light bean projector, full aluminum body, roomy interior, three included 120mm fans and a completely tool less installation process then it seem that the 3D Aurora 570 from Gigabyte has pretty much everything anyone could want in a case.

Plus it comes with its own chamois. I mean come on, who doesn't love a free chamois!!

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  • Roomy Interior
  • Brushed Aluminum all around
  • Customizable Light Beam Projector
  • Tool Less Installation
  • Interchangable Side Panel
  • Free chamois!!

  • Potentially too long for your deskspace