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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.07.07]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte


Only a Little Broke

In late 2005 when Gigabyte threw their hats into the enthusiast case market, it wasn't much of a surprise to anyone to when the first offering, the 3D Aurora, proved to be a solid contender. Since Gigabyte began expanding their product lineup beyond the scope of just motherboards, they have made a habit out of releasing original products that are both well designed and well engineered.

That's not to say the 3D Aurora was perfect. We did manage to find a few flaws with Gigabyte's first case offering, and with that in mind we will today be checking out the updated 570 version of the 3D Aurora case. The 3D Aurora 570 is basically a tweaked version of the original with a bit of a facelift to boot. 

Is the 570 tweaked to perfection, or just another solid case to be considered amongst so many other offerings. Lets find out shall we?

The Same, But Different

At first glance the 3D Aurora 570 is almost identical to the original.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing. People who enjoy a case with clean lines and a hint of fancy styling will appreciate Gigabytes continued resistance to the bling-bling all over the place industry trend

Upon closer inspection however we see that Gigabyte has made many subtle improvements to the exterior design of the 3D Aurora with the new 570. How has the case been improved? Let me count the ways.

The first example would be the front door locking mechanism, which has been moved across to the left hand side of the case from the right.

This is a necessity due to the door opening left to right on the 570 instead of right to left as it did on the old version of the case.  As the majority of people in the world are right handed, and will therefore likely locate their case to the right of their workspace, this is a good idea.

Improvement number two is that the entire case is now made up of thick, brushed aluminum instead of just the front bezel. The aluminum feels very solid while remaining reasonably light, although not as light as other thin bodied full aluminum cases.

Improvement number three is that there is now only one seam between the front bezel and the side of the case instead of the two from before which makes for a much cleaner overall look.

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