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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.12.07]
Manufactured by: Silverstone



Believe it or not, this is actually our second time reviewing this case. Our first review was done back in 2005, where we compared it directly to a Shuttle system. Our reviewer liked it overall, but came across two problems; not much room for the processor cooler, and the installation was quite crowded with power supply cables.

Since then, Silverstone has released 2 new products that take care of those 2 problems perfectly. In addition to that, the products will also be of great use to anyone building a SFF system in any chassis, not just the SG01.

Here's how our final installation looked:

I'll openly admit that I am not the world's neatest system builder. And that's why it's even more important that a chassis allows for a clean installation by even someone like me. As you can see above, the short cable power supply really came in handy, as the extra length of any cables were easily tucked away. The CPU cooler is brilliant, as it makes use of the 120mm fan on the bottom of the power supply. So instead of having to use a noisy stock CPU cooler, you can use a fanless cooler and a quiet power supply.

One issue you may come across may occur if you attempt to use a video card with a heatsink on both sides of the PCB. I managed to squeeze in a Gigabyte 7600 GT (reviewed here) but it was a tight squeeze, and I was a bit nervous cramming it in there.

We liked the SG01 when it first came out in 05, and unlike most PC parts it has gotten even better with age. If you're into SFF systems but don't want to settle for an all-in-one solution, the combination of the Sugo SG01, a good motherboard like the Abit NF-M2 nView, and Silverstone's Short Cable Power Supply and fanless CPU cooler makes for a near perfect solution.

There are some minor issues however; SFF systems benefit greatly from external memory card readers, but the SG01 doesn't have one. It also doesn't have a 3.5" drive bay, so it may be tricky to find a solution.

There is the issue of the fact that it is, well.. kind of ugly once you install an optical drive (and admittedly, even a little ugly before that). It's a very basic design, with exposed buttons, drive bays, and USB ports.

I'm not going to complain about the size, because it's only a couple inches bigger each way compared to a P Series Shuttle. If these extra few inches allow for an easy design, multiple optical drives, SLI video cards, and full ATX power supplies, I am not going to complain.

Overall, I have no problem recommending the SG01 to someone who wants to build a SFF system on their own terms. While you're at it, grab the heatsink cooler and short-cable PSU while you're at it.  The sum of all those parts is definitely greater than each would be individually.

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  • Easy installation
  • Front USB ports
  • Fits standard parts; mATX board, full ATX PSU
  • Plenty of ventilation
  • Full aluminum
  • Extra components make it even better

  • Ugly
  • Kinda big for a SFF