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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.12.07]
Manufactured by: Silverstone


The Inside

When it comes to a SFF chassis, the interior design is much more important than the exterior. After all, you could have the prettiest case in the world, but if it's impossible to fit in a decent amount of components, there isn't much point.

Thankfully, Silverstone can always be counted on for an intellegent and easy to use design. They have made some of the best HTPC cases we've seen; let's see if this continues to a larger chassis.

As expected, you won't find many sharp edges to cut yourself on. In my experience with this case, everything is precisely engineered. The open-frame concept leaves plenty of room to install components, even optical drives, which can be tricky with smaller chassis.

The 3.5" bay is ingenius in its simplicity. A single thumbscrew releases the bracket, in which you can install up to 2 hard drives. A fan can be installed on the end of the bracket, to provide extra cooling to the drives (not included).

Finally, the motherboard tray shows even more simple-yet-elegant design. The entire chassis is instantly open as soon as you remove the cover, which makes over-engineered cases like those from Shuttle seem bulky and complicated. This of course makes sense, since you're building a system from the ground-up with the SG01.

At this point, I'll introduce the next Silverstone component that perfectly compliments the SG01. Choosing a CPU cooler when building a SFF system can be tough; on one hand, you want the quietest cooler possible. On the other, the quietest coolers are also the biggest. And in a SFF system, space is at a premium. That is why Silverstone have designed a CPU cooler that is designed specifically (although not exclusively) for use with the SG01.

Nitrogon NT06-Lite

The Nitrogon NT06-Lite takes into consideration the 80mm height limitation of the CPU cooler with the SG01. It is exactly 78mm tall, and is positioned perfectly to use the power supply as the fan - brilliant! It can still be used with a fan - just slap in a 120mm fan, and it can be used in any system you like.

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