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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.02.07]
Manufactured by: Sumo


"Rip Proof" = Kitty Proof?

So remember earlier when I mentioned we'd thoroughly tested out the "rip proof" claim? Of course you don't, having just skimmed the article so far.  Well you'll want to stop and catch this part. Since there's no way to test how well the material will hold up over the two year warranty period I thought I'd test Sumo's rip proof claim against the destructo powers of kitty claws. 

After keeping the poor little dear cooped up inside the house all day (to make sure she had lots of shredding energy) I broke out her favorite chasing toy (laser pointer) and went to work enticing her to jump, pounce, scrape, chew and claw as much of the Omni as possible.

As you can plainly see, the Omni from Sumo was none the worse for wear.  Apparently Space Age Nylon = Kitty Proof.

So would I recommend the Omni chair from Sumo? Well there a couple of things to consider first. The Omni is by far the most comfortable beanbag chair I've ever sat in. It is however not the most comfortable chair I've ever sat in.

That being said, priced at $129 USD is actually quite reasonable for a bean bag chair. After doing some checking online it seems prices can run upwards of $200 for a similar sized chair. The Omni is also very cheap when compared to a good recliner and right around the same price point as a basic padded office chair. In terms of flexibility the Omni from Sumo cannot be beat. It can be used for any number of functions ranging from console gaming to lounging and even sleeping. The Omni is also easily stuffed away into a corner or a closet.

I did however find the Omni's nylon material lacked breathability and my legs or back tended to become hot and sweaty after an hour or so of use. Also the Omni's footprint is much greater than that of a standard chair.

In short, if you're looking for an ultimately durable, flexible, stowable, washable spot to park yourself, are if you're into the whole "urban chic" design look, or are in the market specifically for a bean bag chair, check out the Omni from Sumo. If nothing else it makes for a great conversational piece.

  • Easy Clean
  • Multiple Positions of Use
  • Kitty Proof
  • "Space Aged"

  • Takes up a good chunk of space
  • Fabric is not breathable