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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.11.07]
Manufactured by: Kingston



After a bit of a hiatus, we have started testing overclocking memory again here at HCW. Our first review in a while was the OCZ Urban Elite PC2 6400 Limited Edition. We liked that kit so much, we awarded it with out Editor's Choice award. It was affordable, overclocked well, looked cool, had a great warranty, and so far has been reliable (we use it in the test bench for all our PC hardware reviews).

Another leading supplier of overclocking memory is Kingston, and today we'll be looking at their answer to OCZ's 6400 part. The name is a bit confusing, but I guess the important numbers stand out at least.


The KHX6400D2LL comes in 512MB and 1GB parts, and is not sold in pairs. The 1GB module goes for about $115-130, and the 512MB for about $65. Compared to OCZ's Special Ops Urban Elite, which is $230 for a 2GB kit, the price is pretty much identical.

Kingston's official specs for these modules are 4-4-4-12 at 800 MHz, which requires a voltage of 2.0v. When you first boot a system up with this ram installed, the SPD timings will be 5-5-5-15 667 MHz @ 1.8v. This will ensure that they comply with JEDEC standards, which prevents issues with boards not booting up properly due to the higher voltage requirement, etc.

All HyperX memory modules come with a Lifetime Warranty. These particular modules are warranted up to 2.1v, so you have a little bit of headroom, but not as much as with OCZ.

So we have some memory from Kingston that is about the same price as OCZ's award-winning memory, with similar latencies and timings. However, the warranty isn't quite as good, with coverage up to 2.1v rather than 2.2v, and let's admit that it just doesn't look as cool as OCZ's Special Edition Urban Ops heatsinks.

Let's find how this stuff overclocks...

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