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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.05.07]
Manufactured by: Abit


Video Encoding

These tests are a new addition to our real-world motherboard tests. For video encoding, we are using the latest version of DivX to encode an MPEG-2 VOB file ripped from a DVD. For the DVD encoding test, we are re-encoding a DVD9 image to fit on a DVD5 disc. Sound like familiar scenarios? I'm sure they do, and I'm sure you're doing all this legally ;)

Don't expect much difference in performance in this case though. These tests are heavily CPU-based, and the chipsets tested here are pretty much identical. Still, more tests have to be better than less, right? ;)

Like I said, not much to see just yet. Wait until we start comparing other chipsets as they come out.

Audio Encoding

For our audio encoding tests, we used dBPowerAmp to convert a full 70 minute CD track to MP3 and WMA.

Once again, not much to see here, except the fact that WMA kicks MP3's ass for encoding speed (and quality, for what it's worth).

File Compression

The latest version of WinRAR (which I have been using for many years) came with a built-in benchmark to show of its multiprocessing capabilities. A result is shown in peak transfer rate:

Okay, so not the most dramatic test results on this page. At the very least, it's interesting to see a $99 mATX board keeping up with $200 powerhouses with no problem at all.

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