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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [01.31.07]
Manufactured by: Foxconn



Foxconn offers a 3 year warranty, but it is uniquely set up. For the first year, you get a full 'no questions asked' coverage, meaning if your card bites the dust, all you have to do is contact them and you'll get a replacement. I'm sure the damage has to be within reason, but this might make this a good choice for the more hardcore overclockers out there.

The remaining 2 years will be a more standard 'questions asked' warranty - if the card has problems, they are probably going to be more strict in their testing, and may try to refurbish it instead of outright replacing it.

Since Foxconn is somewhat new to the retail graphics market, it's hard to say exactly how good their warranty will be. Only time will tell.

There is one reason to buy a Foxconn video card; price. Foxconn is by far the biggest manufacturer, and I'm sure everyone trembled in fear when they heard Foxconn would be joining the retail graphics card market. When you buy a Foxconn video card, you may not be getting the prettiest video card, or one with the most extras in the box. But you will be getting a solid, stable video card for a good price. And the FV-N79GM3D2-HPOC in particular has some tricks up its sleeve to make it worth looking at.

At just $260 retail, the Foxconn FV-N79GM3D2-HPOC is at least $20 less than the next cheapest 7950 GT. Add to that a nice overclock right out the box, decent warranty, a silent, non-reference cooler, and even a gamepad, and you have pretty good value.

If you're not ready to plunge into the DX10 market at $400+, the 7950 GT is currently the best choice in its ~$250 price range. Of course, that is going to change in the future, as midrange DX10 cards come out.

Unfortunately, the timing is going to hurt this card. When G80 came out, it unleashed performance that nobody expected; a single card killing the fastest multi-GPU cards before it. Surely a $260 card based on G80 or R600 will do the same to this one.

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  • Fastest card in its price range right now
  • Nice overclock right out of the box
  • Flexible warranty for the first year, great for OCers
  • Quiet fan, non-reference design
  • Comes with a bonus gamepad
  • HDCP support

  • Wait for the DX10 cards to come out in this price range