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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.11.07]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


Liquid Cooling System

The Water Cooling System included with the Armor LCS is very similar to Thermaltake's Bigwater 745 setup using the same style pump (with a capacity of 500L per hour) and waterbolock.

Included are all the necessary fittings for seemingly every CPU socket ever created along with plenty of 3/8 inch tubing and even a second bottle of coolant!

The CPU Waterblock is a maze design and, along with the rest of the system, uses a quick coupling connect system.

The three pin power connector is for the green UV LED lights located at the bottom right edge of the block. For review purposes we have also included Thermaltake's GPU block which can be purchased as an add on for the Armor LCS.

The VGA block is a simple maze design and comes preinstalled with flexible connectors that make for a much easier install.

The CPU water block installation process requires motherboard removal and is held down using a top plate/back plate combination.

The GPU block was similarly easy to install using four small bolts and a front plate/back plate combination.

Unfortunately, missing from the GPU block bundle is any sort of RAM sinks. Though RAM sinks are only minimally effective at stock settings, lack of any VDRAM cooling might be an issue for those looking to push things well beyond stock settings, and to be completely honest, why else would you pay the additional dollars for the GPU add on block?

That being said, we experienced absolutely no overheating issues due to the lack of VDRAM cooling on the unlocked and overclocked X800GTO2 card in our test bench.

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