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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.11.07]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake



Inside the Amor LCS there is plenty of room for even a full sized ATX case. There are also lots of little channels for running cables, which is always appreciated. There are however some space issues in terms of hard drive bays due to the LCS portion of the case.

The hard drive cage is located directly behind the radiator and directly in front of where the LCS pump is to reside (small holes on right side of picture). This is a major issue. To even access the hard drive cage you have to first remove the radiator through the front of the case and then the hard drive cage with it. This virtually guarantees that you're not going to want to install any drives here as doing so would mean disconnecting your radiator from the LCS system in order to access them in the future

Secondly, when the water pump is installed in place, the lower three and a half drive bays are basically blocked off leaving little room to run the required cabling. So instead of seven what we are really left with is three and a half virtually useless drive bays.

The good news however is that there is another hard drive cage located at the top of the case in front of the power supply.

The drive cage is easily removable and is equipped with an 90mm rear exhaust fan for additional cooling. As you can see however there is only room for three drives so if you have more than that you will have to either deal with the horribly designed drive cage below or look for a different case.

There is also an optional 90mm fan that can be mounted on the top of the case (just behind the hard drive cage) for additional airflow.

The little lever at the bottom of the picture above is used for mounting shorter power supplies that are not long enough to stretch over the PSU support bracket. The Thermaltake PurePower 680 that we used for testing was more than long enough and we didn't need the extra support.

In terms of 5.25 inch drive bays, there are four usable. Each device is secured using the plastic clipping device shown below. In terms of easy of use, these clips are one of the best solutions I've seen. The trade off however is that they are not very secure and drives can easily come dislodged when the case is moved.

As mentioned previously there are effectively no usable external 3.5 inch bays though external 3.5 inch devices are not as they once were, anyone with an LCD or Fanbus device would be out of luck.

The rear PCI retention brackets are the cheap plastic style that we all love to hate.

When I say cheap I do mean cheap.  The first bracket I attempted to install broke right off in my fingers! The good news is that the green plastic part is easily removable and good old fashioned screws can still secure PCI slot devices. So that's a basic rundown on the Armor side of the Armor LCS. Now lets take a gander at the real star of the show here, the "LCS"!

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