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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.11.07]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


Outside Continued...

The front and rear of the case are similar again to the standard Armor case with the little flappies on the front and room for two exhaust fans on the back.

The front flaps do admittedly look pretty cool, but they are also impractical. The flaps are held closed by two small magnets which seem to be very weak.  As a result any time you move the case the two pieces flap back and forth on their hinges. On the flipside, if you forget to open the flaps up before ejecting your CDROM device, the magnets are strong enough to jam the drive door and keep it from opening up all the way.

The power and reset button, along with the power and hard drive LEDs are stylishly located at the top of the front bezel.

The front control panel can be relocated to any bay as needed simply by swapping it with another drive bay cover. Notice as well that the drive bay covers each have a 3.5 inch punch-out section which allows the continuity from the top of the Armor's bezel to the bottom. The strange thing though is that there is no way to mount an external 3.5 inch device in this case using the supplied mounting brackets.

Each drive bay cover is also equipped with a removable dust filter. This is a great feature as it allows for increased airflow through the front of the case without having to worry about extra dust clogging up the innards.

Removing the front bezel we catch a good look at the Armor LCS's massive 120x240mm radiator sporting two 120mm blue LED fans:

With direct access to the cooler temperatures in front of the case and two 120mm fans drawing air through the massive radiator, the LCS system should be able to handle ever the hottest of components.

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