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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [01.11.07]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


Liquid Cooling Inside

It has been almost five years since we at Hardcoreware reviewed the case that revolutionized the computer case industry. Though it wasn't the first premod case to hit the market, the Xaser II from Thermaltake was a big part of revolutionizing what was previously a pretty dull computer case industry.

In the past five years, Thermaltake has released everything from the truly innovative to the downright gaudy. After a period where it seemed all they were releasing was cheap clones of everyone else's good idea, Thermaltake if finally back on track and once again releasing new and innovative products. 

Today we will be looking at one such product, Thermaltake's Armor LCS Chasis. 

The LCS stands for Liquid Cooling System and is the name of the new line of enthusiast cases from Thermaltake. Currently there are LCS versions of Thermaltake's Armor Case, which we will be reviewing today, as well as their Kandalf Case. The Armor itself is an award winning case, however to custom fit it with an internal water cooling system some design compromises had to be made. Do these changes kill the function of what is a very good all around case, or has Thermaltake given us a new dream case/water cooling combo? Read on to find out!

The Armor Redesigned

Externally, the Armor LCS looks exactly like the regular Armor case from Thermaltake.

Out of the box the big difference between the two that you will immediately notice is the large hunk of styrofoam inside the case which securely houses the water cooling portion of the case during shipment.

On top of the case we have a very generous grill area as well as top access ports for USB, Firewire and Audio.

The flip down lid is nice for covering up the ports while not in use and blends in nicely with the rest of the design.  Whether you find having these ports on the top of the case instead on somewhere on the front bezel to be convenient will depend on your desk setup.

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