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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [11.04.06]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte



And of course, one of the most gorgeous games to be released in a long time. I have the XBOX 360 version, and I admit now that it was probably a mistake to buy that one instead of the PC version. Of course, the XBOX 360 is only about $300, where we're talking about $150 for just the video card on a PC...

To keep things simple, only 1600x1200 was used. If you can hit this res with 16x Aniso, you're looking at pure eye candy.

As it turns out, both these cards will need a bit of help to reach 1600x1200. That being said, you could probably run this game wtih these settings without too much trouble. Oblivion runs at a slower pace than our usual benchmarks, so framerate requirements are lower. I think the XBOX 360 runs this game in the 30 FPS range half the time anyway, and no way does it look as nice.

3DMark 06

For those who put a lot of weight into the Final Score of 3D Mark 06:

So yeah.. Pretty much like all the other games we looked at, although it swings back and forth depending on the platform (Source Engine in ATI's favour, Doom engine in nvidia's favour).

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