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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [11.04.06]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte


Silence is Golden

As you saw on the previous page, Gigabyte has employed a wacky fanless double-wide cooler to make theirs one of the few 7600 GT's that are fully silent. From the solid copper plate strapped to the GPU, pipes carry the heat in two seperate directions:





The first is on the 'top' of the card, and this is the reason the card requires two slots.

On the 'bottom' of the card, you'll find another heatsink. It is not attached to the back of the card, so the heatpipe itself is the only thing holding this heatsink on. Thankfully it is very light, but it feels a bit flimsy, as it rocks around when you handle the card. Just be careful during installation and transportation.

Naturally, the GV-NX76T256D-RH sports two DVI outputs, even though this is a $150 video card. If you're still using a CRT monitor, you shouldn't mind having to use a DVI > RGB adapter (2 are included). Also included is a dongle for TV outputs. This dongle has S-Video and Component RGB with 720p and 1080i HDTV support.

Video card manufacturers are always trying to find ways to set theirs apart from the rest, and Gigabyte is no exception. Of course you have one of the only fanless 7600 GT's, but in addition to that you get a full version of Civilization IV. Although this game is over a year old, it stands as one of the best turn-based strategy games of all time, receiving Editor's Choice awards from the likes of Gamespot, Gamespy, IGN, and GamePro. Sometimes we complain when a game is included that doesn't show the full potential of the video card it comes with... Well to be honest, the 7600 GT isn't exactly a blazing fast solution, so Civ IV is just fine.

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