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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [09.28.06]
Manufactured by: Vantec



Yep, that's all she wrote my friends. The NexStar LX from Vantec isn't a super complex device that requires a bevy of benchmarks for us to prove to you its worth.

The main feature of the NexStar LX is its ability to effectively act as an NAS device, and as it should be with any NAS device, the NexStar LX is able to perform specific tasks and perform them well.

Both the hardware and software install are beyond simple, meaning that even your father who couldn't figure out how to share a printer between two machines should be able to set the NexStar LX up and be centrally sharing his old Hank Snow tunes in less than 15 minutes.

The FTP server and external USB drive, and auto/adjustable drive cooling fan options are just icing on the cake making the NexStar LX just that much more versatile.

Our only real beef with the unit is that it is uses the old IDE spec. A SATA version of this device with optional E-SATA capabilities would've made the NexStar LX perfect in our eyes. The FAT32 only file system is also a bit of a drag and rules out using the NexStar LX as a method of recovering files of a damaged Win XP drive.

Small beefs aside though the units Ease of setup, advanced cooling and server features as well as the ability to act as a standard USB enclosure makes it easy for me to recommend. The NexStar LX is a great little product that would fit nicely in any home network setup.

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  • Central File Server The Cheap and Easy Way
  • USB Enclosure capabilities
  • Very Simple Setup
  • Advanced Sharing Features
  • Auto/Manual Drive Cooling
  • Looks great!

  • Uses soon to be obsolete IDE drives
  • Single FAT32 partitions only