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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [09.16.06]
Manufactured by: Foxconn


Ethernet Performance

NTTCP was used to test ethernet performance. The host system was the Intel D975XBX when the Gigabyte boards were tested, and the GA-965P-DS3 when the Intel motherboard was tested.

The Marvell 8056 controller performs very well, with quite low CPU usage and very high throughput levels.

SATA Performance

The following tests were run on HDTach v3.01. CPU utilization was normal for all boards on the SATA and PATA tests (around 0-2% with a 2% margin of error).

It looks like the JMicron SATA controller offers more potential than either Intel Southbridge. To get this type of performance, you need to set it to RAID mode and install the drivers. In legacy mode, you can install Windows without problems, but performance is a bit lower, so just do it once Windows is installed.

PATA Performance

Do people even use PATA hard drives anymore?

USB 2.0 Performance

USB 2.0 performance is as expected. I never did figure out why the Gigabyte board has such a high CPU usage when saturated... Thankfully it's just an issue with that particular board, and not a problem with the Southbridge.

FireWire Performance

Since none of the other boards have onboard FireWire, the P9657AA is on its own for this test. It's not like FireWire really varys in performance anyway, unless you happen to be using one of IEEE1394b which requires a Microsoft hotfix for proper performance in SP2, or retail drivers you can buy for even better performance. That's not an issue here however.

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