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Reviewed by: Bob Tait  08.31.06
manufactured by: ECS


Although the ECS 945G-M3 has it's minor drawbacks for the most part it performed well and did what it set out to do and that was to become a good platform for a media based PC.  Although your not going to be able to tweak and overclock this board as the bios settings for this type of activity are practically non existent. At the price point you can't really beat the value.  It out performed our reference board in every test and had much better audio capabilities which in itself is a must if you plan on building a media PC platform for the living room. 

I will say that if your looking for a board with tons of features and you want to tweak and overclock your better off to steer away from this board.  If your building a lanparty rig that will play the latest games and go into a small case, this might be your ticket, just remember your going to need to slap in a PCIe video card onto this board if your going to do anythng involving 3D rendering (almost all games these days).  The onboard sound was'nt to bad and it certainly did'nt use as much of the CPU cycles as I though it might but for a much better sound solution look to the soundblaster FX.

Bottom line, this board is a great media PC motherboard, it does the basics well, the board is inexpensive at about $100 (Can).  For the enthusiast looking for a high end board with lots of options in a micro ATX design that can be overclocked and tweaked...look elsewhere but expect to pay more.


  • Enironmentally Friendly
  • Price
  • Outperformed reference board on all tests
  • small

  • negligable overclocking capability
  • vertical battery holder at the end of PCIe slot may cause a problem