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Reviewed by: Bob Tait  08.31.06
manufactured by: ECS



ECS has brought us a small form factor micro ATX board that utilizes the intel 945G chipset.  This board meets intel standard VIIV which is pronounced "vive" similar to "five". Viiv is a fairly new standard which intel developed in mid 2005 and the first boards certified started appearing in early 2006. 

 Viiv quite simply was developed by intel to enhance digital media in the home and integrate the PC more into the everyday living environment.  This may also be of interest to enthusiasts looking for a small form factor board that has the power of a larger ATX board, with dual core capability and a fairly low price point.  This may be the answer for those of you looking for the power but are limited for space. 

It is also worth noting that the Viiv standard has positive environmental implications as when it comes time to send this hardware to the landfill it's completly environmentally friendly, no hazardous chemicals were used for any components on the board.

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