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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.30.06]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte


BIOS Interface

I wrote in-depth all of the BIOS features on the second page of this article. But now we'll look at the BIOS interface itself. Again, I am going to post each section of the BIOS in pairs, starting with the P965 each time:

GA-P965-DS3 Tweak Settings

GA-945P-S3 Tweak Settings

Both boards carry all of their tweaking options on one page, instead of spreading them all over the BIOS, which is nice. All of the tweaking options are made available only after you press CTRL+F1 in the main BIOS page. Once you do so, you have access to not only FSB, voltages, and multiplier settings, but memory timings as well. Only the basic memory timing options are given, but that's all most people are ever going to need. Both boards have some auto-tweak features, but I'm sure you'd rather do that yourself.

The BIOS Health Page is almost identical between the two motherboards, with the P965 adding a system temperature monitor. Fan control is handled by the BIOS, and supports both PWM and voltage-based speed control. I'd much rather see full control over fan speeds, but in this price range, such features are not common.

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