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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.30.06]
Manufactured by: Gigabyte


Ethernet Performance

NTTCP was used to test ethernet performance. The host system was the Intel D975XBX when the Gigabyte boards were tested, and the GA-965P-DS3 when the Intel motherboard was tested.

Since all ethernet solutions on these boards are running on the PCI-E bus, throughput is high as expected. However, the Realtek RTL811B ethernet controller on the GA-945P-S3 suffers from high CPU usage when compared to the Marvell 8053 that is used by both the other boards.

SATA Performance

The following tests were run on HDTach v3.01. CPU utilization was normal for all boards on the SATA and PATA tests (around 1-2%).

It looks like the JMicron SATA controller offers more potential than either Intel Southbridge. The fact that drivers aren't needed makes it that much sweeter.

PATA Performance

For some reason, PATA write performance was lower on the 945P board, even though it's using the same Southbridge as the Intel D975XBX. This shouldn't be an issue for most people though; by now, all your hard drives should be SATA based.

USB 2.0 Performance

USB 2.0 performance is as expected, but check this out:

I don't know if it's an issue with the ICH8 or what, but the GA-P965-DS3 suffered from abnormally high CPU usage when the USB bus was saturated. There is a significant margin of error on this test however, but the results consistently ranged from 10-20% each time the test was repeated.

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