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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.26.06]
Softmod Created by: YouP-Pax


Performance Testing

For this test, I am using an Audigy 2 OEM card. For testing under 'normal' Audigy 2 conditions, I used the latest Audigy 2 drivers downloaded from Creative's site. These are version 02.08.0004, dated January 24, 2006.

The following apps were used:

  • Rightmark 3D Sound 2.2
  • Rightmark Audio Analyzer 5.5
  • Quake 4 (with point release 1.3)
  • Unreal Tournament 2004 (with patch 3369)
  • Prey (retail release)

Note that Prey did not detect our softmodded Audigy 2, so we had to drop it from the tests. I tried updating the OpenAL driver directly, but this did not work.

Game details were always set to "medium" or lower, since any difference in audio performance is going to be minute at best, even between a REAL Audigy 2 and 4.

Quake 4

Quake 4 supports OpenAL and EAX 5.0. On an Audigy card though, only EAX 4.0 is used.

Right away we're seeing the softmodded card outperforming the standard drivers by 1 frame per second. Of course this isn't amazing, but it would be reasonable to expect it to perform lower since it is based on an older driver set.

Unreal Tournament 2004

UT2K4 supports up to EAX 3.0 with a standard installation, even with the latest official patch. However, Creative have released a mod that adds enhanced (uncompressed) weapons effects and music, and 128 voice support for those with X-Fi soundcards. Of course, Audigy supports none of these, so standard EAX 3.0 was used.

Once again the hacked drivers not only keep up to the original Audigy 2 drivers, but outperform them by about 1 fps.

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