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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.26.06]
Softmod Created by: YouP-Pax


How to Soft-Mod your Audigy 2 into an Audigy 4

The process is very simple, and is originally explained in this forum thread. First you will need to download a couple files.

  • Download the hacked Audigy 4 ISO. This file is pretty big, but is needed if you want full use of all the Audigy 4 drivers, as if installed from the original CD.
  • Download the YouP-Pax 1.02 drivers.
  • You'll also need these two patches, because in the hacked Audigy 4 drivers, the speaker calibration and surround mixer apps don't work. I guess they weren't hacked enough ;)
  • If you already drivers installed, you should download this driver cleaner app to help have a full uninstallation. Without this, you'll have to dig through your registry finding every Creative-related entry.

1) Uninstall whatever Audigy 2 drivers you're currently using. Before rebooting, be sure to run the Driver Cleaner to get rid of any Creative remnants in the registry. Make sure there are no folders named "Creative" in your Program Files directory.

2) After rebooting, install the YouP-Pax 1.02 drivers, and reboot. Note that these are based on quite an old driver set from 2005. However the newer YouP-Pax released to not support full "Audigy 4 softmod" installation. If you really want to "turn your Audigy 2 into an Audigy 4", you will need to use these older drivers.

3) Next, run the Audigy 4 installation CD you downloaded. This can be a mounted ISO, or you can burn it to a CD. Be sure to select "CUSTOM INSTALLATION" and de-select "Audio Console" and "Windows Drivers" because you already have those installed.

4) After the hacked drivers are installed, overwrite the files with those found in the two patches linked above.

And that's it! If done correctly, you will have an Audigy 4 listed in your device list. You can almost hear the audio quality improvement already can't you? ;)

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