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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [10.23.06]
Manufactured by: Antec, Thermaltake, NZXT, Silverstone, Coolermaster

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Antec TruePower 2.0 480W

The TruePower 2.0 is my solid old workhorse PSU that I have been using to run a test bench machine over the past 6 months... hence the pretty scratch on the top of the unit.

The True Power 2.0 is by far the most "vanilla" of all the units we will be looking at today sticking with ever so traditional and conservative grey box stylings. The TP 2.0 is ATX 2.01 compliant and features Active Power Factor Correction, but only on European models, which means North American users are out of luck.

A single 120mm fan is used for exhaust purposes through a square box back grill. Though it does have a sheathed ATX connector cable and black connector ends instead of the typical white, the True Power is not the prettiest unit to look at. Also you'll notice the red switch below the power input which means the unit does not feature universal input.

As with everything in life however, the TP 2.0 should not be judged by its cover. With dual 18A 12V rails and a 75% efficiency rating it should be able to keep up with the rest of the pack. As I stated before however, this PSU has been around for awhile and as such is missing some of the newer features such as dual PCI-E connectors and an EPS12V connector.

The TP 2.0 includes the following connectors:

  • 20+4 pin ATX connector
  • 4 pin CPU connector
  • 1 x PCI-E 6-pin connector
  • 5 standard 4-pin molex connectors
  • 4 SATA 15-pin Connectors
  • 2 floppy connectors

The TP 2.0 is equipped with OCP, OPP, UVP and SCP protective circutries.

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