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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [10.23.06]
Manufactured by: Antec, Thermaltake, NZXT, Silverstone, Coolermaster

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Thermaltake TR2 550W

The TR2-550 is the first of two units from Thermaltake that we will be looking at today. The TR2 is based on the older ATX 2.0 spec instead of the updated 2.01 or 2.20 specifications. Don't let the numbers fool you though, the TR2 is still a feature packed unit.

The TR2 has a nice black matte finish for those who prefer simple over shiny. It is also SLI-ready with two 6-pin PCI-E connectors. The two 12V lines are at the lower end of the spectrum in terms of current checking in at 14A and 15A respectively. We will see later on whether or not it causes any problems at full load.

The TR-2 uses a single 120mm fan for exhasut purposes which keeps noise down to a minimum. It also uses a rear honeycomb exhaust grill. Notice the little red Voltage switch below the power plug which indicates that the TR-2 does not included a Universal Input feature (is this really a heavily used feature though?). Also just below the toggle switch (just above in the previous picture) there are two small LEDs. One LED is green and indicates when the unit is on. The second LED is orange and indicates when the unit is in standby mode.

The TR-2's best feature is its individually sheathe cables. Though the white molex connectors on everything but the SATA and PCI-E connectors almost ruin the effect, the flexible black sheathing will be favoured among clean case enthusiasts.

The TR-2 includes the following connectors:

  • 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 4-pin CPU power connector
  • 2 PCI-E 6-pin connectors
  • 8 standard 4-pin molex connectors
  • 4 SATA 5-pin connectors
  • 2 floppy connectors

The TR-2 is Active PFC equipped though it claims efficiency levels of 70% or greater which is the worst of all units on hand. The TR-2 complies with UL, CUL, TUV and CE certifications.

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