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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [10.23.06]
Manufactured by: Antec, Thermaltake, NZXT, Silverstone, Coolermaster

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NZXT Precise 650W

The Precise is NZXT's first foray into the PSU market. Well known for their innovative cases it will be interesting to see if NZXT carries many of the same qualities that have made their cases popular over to the new PSU lineup.

Using a sleek and shiny gunmetal finish, the Precise is definitely an eye catch right out of the box. The Precise 650 is ATV12V v2.01 compliant and comes with two nicely powered 12V lines at 20a apiece. One rail supplies power to the CPU while the other supplies power to all other connectors. The Precise is also equipped with an interesting "combined" feature for it's 12V rails which we will touch on in a second.

The Precise uses a single 120mm fan (blue LED, naturally) for exhaust purposes and a minimally restrictive rear grill. As noted by the sticker, the Precise is equiped with Active PFC; note that there is no little voltage switch to be found. The Precise (as with most other PSUs in this roundup) is equiped with "Universal Input" which allows it to be connected to any AC power outlet between 100V~240V without having to worry about setting a voltage switch.

Also notice the "Combined" label on the bottom right of the unit. This blue LED (naturally) will turn on only when the combined 12V protection kicks in. Basically if one rail becomes overpowered the Precise will combine it with the second 12V rail in order to supply adequate power. This of course is better than the alternative of the PSU simply restarting your PC, and it also explains why the unit is not EPS12V certified.

The Precise has a mix of sheathed and unsheated cables included. The 20+4-pin main power connector as well as the PCI-E connectors are sheathed while all others are not. The PCI-E graphics connectors are actually current filtered to help eliminate any snow or water wave that might occur from high-frequency interference.

The rest of the wiring on the Precise is the typical rats nest that we all love. This includes the 4+4pin 12V CPU connector which allows to the Precise to power even the newest dual CPU motherboards. Though not sheathed, these cables are twisted together as you can see below, which somehow makes them look just a tad neater when installed into your case than the regular straight wiring.

The Precise 650 includes the following connectors

  • 20+4-pin ATX connector
  • 6  standard 4-pin molex connectors
  • 2 x PCI-E 6-pin connectors
  • 4 SATA drive connectors
  • 2 floppy connectors
  • 3 "Fan Only" Molex Connectors + 3 3-pin fan connectors

Notice the "Fan Only" designation. These molex connectors include the +12V power connectors only (as opposed to regular molex connectors that have both +12V and +5V), and are linked(along with the PSU fan) to NZXTs ECASO (Enhance Cooling After System Off) technology.

In short ECASO technology switches any connected fans along with the PSU fan over to the +5VSB rail after you've shut your system down. This allows for all fans to run for approximately 3 minutes after shut down in order to help avoid the potential for heat surge.

Furthermore, the Precise 650 includes OVP, OPP, OCP, UVP, SCP (Latch Off) and OTP (Optional) protective circuitries.

As a nice little bonus, NZXT includes a small pack of multi-colored velcro twist ties. Although this isn't something that is going to make your run out and by the PSU, it is a nice little finishing touch.

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