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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [10.23.06]
Manufactured by: Antec, Thermaltake, NZXT, Silverstone, Coolermaster

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Antec Neo HE 550W (Modular)

The Neo HE our second unit from Antec is the first and only Modular Power Supply we'll be looking at today. There does not seem to be very many SLI based modular units on the market, but the Neo HE is an exception and packed with some very impressive specs.

The Neo HE supports both ATX12V v2.2 as well as EPS 12V 2.2 specifications and provides three well powered 12V rails at 18A apiece. One rail supplies the CPU, another the PCI-E connectors while the final powers everything else.

The Neo comes with full support for newer dual cpu systems having both an 8-pin +12V connector and a 4-pin one, along with a 20+4-pin main power connector. Each modular connector is nicely sleeved to further enhance airflow, and all connectors have black ends.

Included Non-modular connectors are:

  • 24-pin ATX connector
  • 4+4-pin CPU power connector

Included modular connectors are:

  • 2 x PCI-E connectors
  • 2 x 3 set of standard 4-pin molex connectors
  • 2 x 2 set of SATA drive connectors (4 total SATA connectors)
  • 1 x Y-adapter with 1 standard molex male to 2 female floppy adapters.

Each connector is plugged in as needed to the bottom side of the unit.

A couple things to note here. First up, there are six included modular cables and only five available outputs. This means that if you are running an SLI system that you're stuck with only three available molex connectors or two SATA connectors. For the majority of users this will not be an issue, however it would pose a problem for someone with a full hard drive cage containing both SATA and IDE drives.

Secondly the Neo HE is the only unit in our roundup to use a single 80mm exhaust fan. With claims at 85% efficiency the Neo should indeed have reduced heat production, however the fan can ramp up at heavy load and be noticably louder than any of the other units (Thermaltake True Power 680 Aside).

The Neo HE also comes equipped with OCP, OPP, OVP, SCP and UVP protective circuitries. It also has Universal Input and Active PFC.

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