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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [08.20.06]
Manufactured by: Foxconn


PCMark 05 Professional

PCMark 05 gives us a chance to look at individual aspects of performance at a glance, and see how motherboards compare in each.

The System Test includes a little bit of everything - Windows startup, physics calculations, 2D windows, 3D graphics, web page rendering, memory test, HDD usage, etc. And many of these tests are repeated at the same time, to test multitasking.

In this test, the Foxconn C51 outperforms the Asus by a wider margin than I had expected. Maybe one of the other tests can give us an idea of where this is coming from, or perhaps it's across the board, and the C51 is just a better motherboard.

Identical scores in the CPU test, so we know the CPU is clocked properly for each board.

Nearly identical scores in the memory test, despite what happened with Sisoft Sandra 2007.

Same story in the HDD test...

And graphics too. Okay, I'm stumped. I have no idea why the System Score is 363 points higher for the Foxconn C51, while all the other tests (and this is the same test run) are almost identical... There are some tests exclusive to the System Score, so perhaps it's performing very well in one of those.

CineBench 9.5

Cinebench is a software-based multi-threaded rendering benchmark. It is based on a real world platform; Maxon's CINEMA 4D software, so while it is a synthetic benchmark, it should give an idea of how a system would perform in Maxon's rendering software.

Identical performance, once again.

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