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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.25.06] is back!
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Working Conditions

Some people may question the working conditions in China. Well, there's a lot to question about human rights in China, but I won't get into that rant here. I can say from what I've seen, that the employees at ECS are efficient and hard working, but I don't think they are put through abuse.

Employees can work an 8 hour shift if they want, but most opt to work a full 12 hour overtime shift. There are several benefits and bonuses available for those who perform well, and housing is provided as part of their salary.

It was quite shocking for many of us to see a military-like lecture going on prior to a shift. As I said before, things are just done different here. If you are running factories 24 hours a day with 8000 employees, structure and discipline are important. When employees are on their shift, they are to walk in single-file from building to building. But I saw quite a few employees in plain-clothes walking around with their friends, and they seemed to be happy with their lives (poverty is quite bad in this country, so I imagine most of these workers prefer a strict workforce to the alternative).

Discipline is important to ensure an efficient manufacturing process. ECS uses the "Grape System" to remind their employees not to slack off. For each day, there is a grape. Green means they had a perfect day, with no problems with work or otherwise. If an employee slacks off or shows up late for work, they get a red grape. I didn't see too many red grapes, and when I went to take a picture of one, the worker looked extremely embarassed about it; her face was glowing red. I think ECS' employees take great pride in their hard work, even though they are getting paid very little in comparison to bloated unionized factories in North America.