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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.25.06] is back!
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Manual Installation

The larger components of a motherboard cannot be installed by robotics (yet), so are installed by hand. Above you can see a good example of this. This is the worker who installs the printer ports - the boards are moving to the right, where the COM and Serial ports are installed. I hope they find something for these girls to do when those components are finally extinct!

Boards are then tested in DOS (for boot capabilities) and Windows. Every single component on the board is installed and being used in these tests. Their desks look a lot like mine when I am reviewing something!

Finally, the boards are finished up and packaged. But there is still quite a bit of testing being done; random samples of each lot are selected for an intense 3 day burn-in at up to 50 degrees C. Should one of these boards fail, the entire lot is inspected. Once packaged, random boards are put through shock tests to make sure their lot will survive the shipping process. The number of boards that go through this testing procedure is higher for high end products such as ECS' "EXTREME" lineup.

ECS also makes notebooks and systems for various customers (most of which you've heard of, but I can't reveal the specifics here unfortunately). We didn't get to see much of this, but I did look at their testing room, and I got to see that these things do go through quite rigorous testing before being shipped out.

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