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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.25.06] is back!
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I apologize if the PCB tour seems a bit rushed, as honestly, it was. We arrived a little late, and we were sort of rushed through the entire factory after an introduction.

Finally it was time for lunch! We were lucky to try first-hand the type of food the employees eat every day at one of the cafeterias:

I think what they did was take several days' worth of meals, and combine it into one giant dish. This way, everyone got something they liked!

Needless to say, half the fun was watching peoples' reactions who haven't tried steamed squid or octopus. I wasn't lucky enough, but one of the editors got a chicken foot in his meal! It was an enjoyable experience to try the food the employees eat, but I am more accustomed to Hong Kong style cuisine, with plenty of flavour packed in.


The first tour was actually the ECSM tour, where motherboards, notebooks, and computers are made. The pictures that follow will be better, as I had my actual camera with me, instead of my small point-and-shoot.

The first step, as always, is to get into our static-free coats, hats, and booties. If your feet were larger than size 10, you got to trade your shoes in for sandals instead.

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