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Creating a PCB

ECS' decision to base themselves Shen Zhen was made due to several advantages. First of all, it is one of China's Special Economic Zones, designated as such to allow China to compete with Hong Kong for foreign investment. Being in an SEZ allows companies to enjoy tax benefits and slightly less interference from the communist government. The close proximity to Hong Kong also helps with customs - but it seems to be a really complicated process I won't get into here.

Finally, their location is very convenient due to the close proximity of other resources; ECS can receive shipments for connectors and other components from plants in Shen Zhen within an hour.

The biggest deal of the GOLDEN ELITE factory is the ability to make PCB units on-site, and finish motherboards on the same property. First we'll take a look at how PCB's are made (please excuse the quality of these photos; I was going on under 2 hours of sleep after a long night - the pictures will be better since they were from the first day of the tour ;))


The first step in making a PCB is to etch the first layers with the eventual layout of the board.

I took a picture of one of the damaged layers for a closer look.

Once etched, the layers are sandwiched between layers of substrate and laminated


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