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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.19.06] is back! Free shipping on all orders
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ECS had plenty of products on display. However most of them are OEM products, being shown for buyers. The ECS brand itself is still strong, with plenty of motherboards, server products, and even video cards on display! ECS says they are working hard on improving their website, and encourage everyone to check it out.

Like DFI, ECS had their AM2 boards being displayed proudly. They have solutions based on AMD and NVIDIA's chipsets. I smell a HUGE AM2 roundup coming our way......

ECS is also taking the hint that the Conroe platform is likely to be highly prefered by gamers, so they are going to be focusing heavily on that platform on their EXTREME product range. I love the new colour scheme by the way.

Believe it or not, ECS also makes server and workstation boards. This here is their "Blackford" board.

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