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DFI was displaying deveral motherboards at their booth. As usual however, most of the Lanparties are going to come out a little bit later than other boards based on the same chipset.

DFI is working on two AM2 Lanparty boards, based on the NF 590 SLI and Crossfire 3200 respectively. Notice any capacitors around the CPU? Nope, because they have replaced them with digital components! Usually seen on high end servers and workstation boards, it will be interesting to see how these perform. At the very least, they will help eliminate clearance issues with most heatsinks, and should eliminate the possibility of leaky caps.

As I mentioned above, Lanparty boards require more time for engineering, and thus are often later than other boards using the same chipset. Well sometimes they have to forego the board entirely, and launch a midrange version under the "Infinity' lineup instead. This is their Core 2 Duo compatible 975X board. Expect their Core 2 Duo Lanparty version to be based on the NF 590 SLI chipset.

DFI was showing a couple mATX boards, based on IGP chipsets from ATI and NVIDIA. Unlike most mATX boards, these ones sport DVI video outputs. They could make for some nice HTPC systems!

DFI invited some of the best overclockers in the world to see what they could do with a Conroe chip on their platform. This gathered quite a crowd, as not everyone is sure how far these things can be pushed just yet!

Using liquid nitrogen on the CPU, and water on the video cards, they managed to get the Conroe up to 4.3 GHz before running into multiplier issues. I'm sure with a final DFI motherboard, they will be able to take it even further ;)

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