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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.19.06] is back! Free shipping on all orders
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You've probably seen Supertalent mentioned on enthusiast sites quite a bit lately. I wondered where they came from, but apparently they've been around forever! They are one of the largest PC Hardware distributors in the US, and a large memory manufacturer as well. Only lately have they been getting into high end performance-related memory products. It should be interesting to see how their products compare to the likes of OCZ, Corsair, Kingston, etc.

On display was a 2GB pair of DDR2 1000 memory, touted as the only of its kind.

Super Talent will be changing their heatsinks to keep up with the others. Not bad!

One thing I thought looked cool were these flash based 2.5" notebook drives, up to 16 GB! I'm pretty sure the cost of these will be prohibitive for most, so Super Talent expects them to be used mostly in rugged systems such as military components, etc.

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