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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.19.06] is back! Free shipping on all orders
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Thermaltake had so much stuff on display, I don't really know where to start. I guess the first would be the most outrageous case I've ever seen since the iMike - the Mozart Tx.

No, it's not a small refrigerator; this is the Mozart Tx. The idea behind the Tx is that it supports two individual systems in one case; one full ATX system, and a mini-ITX systen. Furthermore, it has a 7" drive bay - it is designed to DIN specifications, so you can install car stereo equpment in there! Thermaltake has their own 7" DIN LCD touch screen panel, which I guess is the most useful thing you could put in there.

When I asked what you could do with two systems in one huge case, Thermaltake didn't quite seem to know for sure... In fact, they are looking for ideas! They have a promotion going where you can submit your ideas to them - the top choices will earn the submitter a FREE Mozart Tx system. Hopefully someone can figure out what to do with this thing... My idea would be to have an HTPC in the mini ITX portion, and a gaming PC in the ATX side, using one side for gaming, and the other for just watching movies. Unfortunately I can't submit my idea, because I have no room in my entire apartment for one of these! I was actually impressed with the price; Thermaltake expects it to sell for not much more than $200 USD.

Speaking out outrageous, check out the Swordsman:

This is essentially a modified Tai Chi case... Look for this to go into production soon - you'll love the "woosh" sound made by the hydraulics when the top moves up!

Thermaltake is getting into LAN cases! This one was designed ground-up to fit a full ATX system, including a full size ATX power supply. It also sports a nifty 7" DIN bay for LCD panels or any other car stereo equipment you can stick in there. The 7" bay comes with an adapter to use it as a standard 5.25" bay.

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