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Cooler Master

Cooler Master had plenty of new cases and products on display. Unfortunately I don't think we'll see anything like their original ACS series from 3 years ago; they are focusing more on having plenty of features in performance (which is fine as well!)

Cooler Master seemed very proud to introduce the Stacker 830, the latest in the Stacker series. As usual, it sports a ton of upgrade featuring, including nine external 5.25" bays and five 3.5" bays. It can be upgraded to support the BTX form factor, and the PSU can be reversed depending on your airflow needs. The coolest feature though:

I guess you can't really tell from this picture, but the fan bay on the top of the case has been converted to hold a hard drive. If you're thinking what I'm thinking, you're visualizing one of those cool new Raptors in there, with the window casing. Sweet!

Taking queues from case modders, Cooler Master now has a case that resembles an ammo box, complete with carrying strap and military-like buttons:

The iTower is a nice sort of hybrid workstation/personal chassis. It has four removable drive bays, which can be attached to a board that supports hot swapping. The door has two parts that open, so you can remove drives or expose the rest of the bays when needed.

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