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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.19.06] is back! Free shipping on all orders
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We close once again with one of my favourite parts of Computex every year; Tyan's lunch. They book a beautiful chinese restaurant in the Taipei 101 every year to announce something new. Last year it was a 8-socket motherboard. This time it's a personal super computer. Yes, you read that right; a supercomputer for your home! (or work, or school, which is more likely).

Dr. Symon Chang, President of Tyan, was there once again to announce the Typhoon; a "small" cluster system which supports up to 16 processors (on 4 separate nodes inside).

Beautiful... And I really am talking about the Typhoon! Imagine 16 Core Duos in there! 32 cores in a system that can sit beside your desk and plug into the wall. It can also be set up with other Typhoons in a cluster (it even sits on a set of casters, so you can roll it around between rooms). This monster measures in at 45 dB - people have single CPU desktops louder than that! I was impressed.

Tyan may be all business, but they managed to sneak some l33tness into their presentation...

Almost as impressive as the Typhoon was the 8-course cantonese meal that was served. Everything from shark-fin soup with scallop and crab, to abalone steaks, to this wonderful steamed black cod was served. Thanks again, Tyan!