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Computex Again!

Another year, another Computex! This is the show I look forward to most, mostly because I am sick of Vegas... Computex is the one large show that is mainly aimed at buyers, but it's not like there is nothing for we press to see.

Well let's get right to it! Starting with Zalman.


Zalman had several new cases and coolers on display this year. I guess due to contract obligations, they are still using the "Fatal1ty" brand, which has done nothing for the other companies who used it. Thankfully, they have done a bit more than simply crank up the fan speed and paint their products red...

One thing is for sure, the new Fatal1ty coolers look great! This is the new video cooler. Expect it to be more silent than the last Fatal1ty video cooler, but not totally silent like their other products.

Usually when you think of Zalman CPU coolers, you picture enormous blocks of copper, taking up most of the space in a case. However they are starting to focus on slim designs, probably due to the trend towards multimedia PC's - which they are also getting into:

Among the HTPC cases, this is the one that caught my eye. It is slimmer than the rest, yet still supports full size power supplies. The secret? The PSU sticks through the outside of the case at the bottom! It essentially serves as the back legs of the case.

Speaking of cases, here's the new Fatal1ty case, loaded with Fatal1ty parts like the ABIT (not abit) front panel, and front panel from the Creative X-Fi. Unfortunately, although all three companies are using the same brand, they didn't work together to design a cohesive look.

Zalman was also showing off the newest Reserator. The Reserator 3 forgoes the huge cylindrical design in favour of a more pleasing slim design. This wouldn't look too bad at all near a home theatre system. As you can see, it's not too big either, yet it performs better than any previous fanless water cooler.

This new 600W SLI certified PSU isn't fanless, but using heatpipes and a lot of surface area, they managed to make this single fan unit ultra-silent.

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