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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [06.27.06]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology is BACK!

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Gaming Load Times

Although the tighter timings didn't offer significant frame rate increases, it should be noted that gaming performance is not judged by frame rate alone. To the dismay of most, as game and application complexities have increases so too have loading times.

There is nothing worse than being at a LAN and having the guy next to you be minutes into the game before you even finish loading the map textures. To see what kind of performance increases the tighter timings on the Platinum kit offer in this area we have tested loading times for Battlefield 2 the mother of all annoying loading time games.

How much is five seconds worth to you? For me it probably depends on how much caffeine I have ingested at the time, and it will differ from user to user, but in five seconds I can be into an apache and away from the Team Killing chopper stealers!

The real impressive gap is between the OEM sticks and both OCZ branded kits. If five seconds seems like an eternity for you, imagine waiting almost twenty!


I almost hate doing overclocking testing with newer 1GB sticks. I've been so spoiled by the pair of 512MB Platinum EL Rev2 sticks for so long that pretty much everything is going to be a disappointment. I should note though, that the ICs used in those Rev2 sticks are no longer available to any manufacturer and were never produced todays higher densities, so comparing them against the new 1GB sticks isn't really fair.

That being said, these Platinum XTC chips were no slouch. At 2.5-3-4-8 and 2.9V we were able to push these chips to 238Mhz, which is a hair faster than what we were able to push the Gold (232mhz) and is not at all to shabby for a pair of 200mzh stock 1GB sticks.

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