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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [06.27.06]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology is BACK!

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Real World Gaming Benchmarks 

For real world game testing we will be using two popular memory hogs in Battlefield 2 and Quake 4. First up let's have a look at Battlefield 2.

Here the Platinum kit is again in front, but by an ever so slight margin. Let's see if the gap increases at all in Quake 4.

The performance gap is a bit larger here, but still tops out at around the 7% mark.  The difference over and above the OEM kit is more pronounces at around 13.5%.

Finally I'm throwing in a run of 3Dmark 05 for all you Futuremark junkies that strive to be listed at the top of the charts.

The Platinum kit is again at the top of the heap, but only by the slightest of margins. Both OCZ kits put distance between themselves and the OEM sticks.

So that's that right? Nope...don't go running away yet, there's one more test to run!

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