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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [06.27.06]
Manufactured by: OCZ Technology is BACK!

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DDR's Swansong?

With the release of AMD's new M2 based chipset, the bad is doing mic checks and the Fat Lady is warming up the ol' pipes getting ready belt out a tune for our good friend DDR. Though DDR2 was hailed early on as the second coming in IC form, actual performance at launch never led up to the hype. Though Intel adopted DDR2 early on (and payed for it too it would seem) AMD stuck with DDR through to the end of its popular socket 939 chipset line, which is why we are still talking about DDR today, long after what many people would have thought.

Though M2 socket chips and motherboards are now available in stores, the popularity of socket 939 CPU chips, especially among gamers, means that there is a whole host of recently upgraded users who will be looking to stretch out their socket 939 builds.  

With this in mind manufacturers like OCZ have released new low latency 2GB Dual Channel RAM kits. Today we will be looking at today is the OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 2x1024MB Dual Channel Platinum XTC kit.

Extended name aside the new 2GB Platinum XTC kits are again impressive on paper. The XTC of course denotes the new heat spreader design, which in this instance is...surprise surprise platinum colored. OCZ also now offers a Limited Edition Camouflage "Special Ops" kit. This Platinum kit boasts the lowest latencies we have seen on any 2GB kits, OCZ's fresh new heat spreaders, and of course OCZ's stellar lifetime warranty, these kits would seem perfect for memory hungry gamer rigs.

Sorry Guys...Size Does Matter

It is now standard to see a minimum of 2GB of RAM in gamer rigs and for good reason. When we reviewed the Gold GX kit from OCZ a couple months back we showed how the extra gig makes the gamers life just that much easier. With that behind us we will be focusing on whether or not the tighter timings offered by the Platinum kit on our test bench offers any performance perks over kits with looser timings.

Rated at 2-3-2-5 and able to run at 1T, the Platinum XTC kit from OCZ matches anything else on the market in terms of lowest latency. That said, it is only a small step down from the 2-3-3-8 rated Gold GX XTC kit previously reviewed. Can such a seemingly small tweak improve performance enough to warrant the price premium? Let's find out!

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