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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.01.06]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake


A Case For Dual CPU

Thinking of going dual CPU? Or maybe quad CPU, with a couple dual core Opterons? Guess what - that ATX tower you're using now probably isn't going to cut it. In most cases, you're going to need a case that fits motherboards that adhere to the "Extended ATX" spec, or eATX formfactor.

Although eATX doesn't appear to be an official form factor, many dual socket motherboards that are intended to be used as servers come in this size (12" x 13"). Contrasted to the standard ATX spec (12" x 9.6"), you can see how most cases designed for standard ATX motherboard will have problems fitting an eATX board.

Plenty of Space

As you can see, the Eureka is a lot longer than most towers we've reviewed. A standard 9.6" motherboard would only cover about 3/4 of the motherboard tray. However there is a tradeoff, as the case is very long overall, and very high as well. This is a HUGE case!

It's not a speaker

Thermaltake has come a long way from the designer handbag-inspired "Damier" which we panned 2 years ago. The Eureka sports a very slick "speaker grille" like design. Accented with thick, brushed aluminum, the door of the Eureka makes a bold statement, yet maintains an attentuated design that most people seem to prefer (no orange fans or Transformer heads here!).

The side panel features Thermaltake's trademark "honeycomb" grille, as opposed to a closed window. This looks slick at the same time as providing extra airflow, and EMI shielding.

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