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Reviewed by Bob Tait [05.17.06]
Edited by Trevor Flynn
Manufactured by: Hawking Technology


It's plain to see that the Broadband Booster improves your internet experience if you own a home network. I realized performance gains in the magnitude of 310%, I certainly didn't see a 400% gain as claimed on the package but 310% is nothing to complain about when you have latency score of 180 and it drops down to 58 with the Broadband Booster under the exact same conditions. More importantly I didn't experience LAG. When we checked, this little piece of hardware rang in for a low street value of about $54 US, great value for the money.

If you have a home network with multiple users this little device should be on your list of standard network gear.

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  • Easy to set up
  • Great internet performance gains for home network
  • Inexpensive

  • No options to tweak QOS settings