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Reviewed by Bob Tait [05.17.06]
Edited by Trevor Flynn
Manufactured by: Hawking Technology



Today we're going to take a look at Hawking Technologies Broadband Booster. According to company claims, it "eliminates the Lag".  We will take a look at the technology inside this little silver box and either confirm or debunk the rather ambitious claims that Hawking makes.

Lag...We all hate it.  What causes lag?  Well it's typically caused by slow moving information, packet loss and just all around poorly managed data transfer.  If you have a small home network you may have experienced problems with the "traffic jam" of information trying to come and go.

What Causes Lag? 

For instance you might be playing a multiplayer game , using voice over IP communications, someone else in the home may be streaming video off the internet and someone else might be streaming audio and on top of all that you're running a torrent as well.  In an instant your 20 ping skyrockets to 200+! Sound familiar?

Never fear, there may be a solution for all that nasty congestion...and no it's not Dristan.  We're talking Data Congestion.  Hawking Technologies has a device called the Broadband Booster. This device manages the data coming and going from your network.  Think of it as an air traffic controller for your data, managing the data telling it where to go, when to go, how fast to go and avoiding all of those nasty collisions that often result in packet loss and LAG.

By using the Stream Engine Technology from UBICOM, the Broadband Booster optimizes and streamlines the data, resulting in a smoother "lag-free" experience according to the product literature.  The Broadband Booster accomplishes this by utilizing an on chip QoS or Quality of Service built into the device that gives priority to the type of data that is "time sensitive" such as VOIP and gaming. It should be noted that at press time the Broadband Booster we had used the first iteration of the Stream Engine,  Stream Engine 5000 had just been developed by UBICOM. Once the Stream Engine 5000 becomes commerically available we will attempt to obtain a test subject and carry out additional testing and let you know how we made out.

So...does it work? Stay with us as we carry out a couple of real world tests to determine if the claim of a 400% improvement can be realized.

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