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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.10.06]
Manufactured by: CoolIT Systems

Lowest Price as of publication: $399.95


So Simple Even Your Grandma Could Use It!

If you remember back last year, we reviewed the Aquagatte Mini from Coolermaster. We were very impressed with not only the Mini's cooling ability, but also the fact that the unit came completely preinstalled and ready to go out of the box. No muss no fuss.  Well the Freezone from CoolIT Systems does all that and more!

As you can see, the Freezone come ready to go right out of the box, with the pump, radiator and block all interconnected. The tubing is ringed with spiral wrap, which not only prevents kinking, but also looks pretty sweet.

Now here's the big plus. With the Aquagatte Mini (and with every other liquid cooling system), the preinstalled liquid had to eventually be replaced (two years for the Mini, one year typically for other liquid cooled systems). The coolant used in the CoolIT Freezone never has to be replaced.  That's right, NEVER! This is accomplished through the use of vapor resistant materials and gas resistant plumbing. For users who constantly run their computers at heavy loads, this is a giant plus. On top of it all the coolant is non-toxic and environmentally friendly!

Pump it up...

The Freezone uses a very quiet (sub 15dBA) 12VDC dual in fluid sapphire bearing pump to circulate the coolant through the system.

The pump is low flow, and it is very difficult to see the water actually circulating through the system. The Freezone unfortunately has neither a flow indicator or auto shut off fail-safe in case the pump should stop working. This is not a giant detriment, but would definitely be a nice feature to see on future product revisions.


Along the side of the Freezone we see the small coolant reservoir channel in blue. The coolant goes up one side and then crosses over to the other, being cooled as it travels along the channel before being pumped back out to the CPU block.

Underneath the blue channel are the TEC units. The cool side of the Peltier is in contact with the coolant channel, and the hot side is connected to a radiator whose fins are cooled by a 92mm exhaust fan.

Pre-Greased for your Convenience

The CPU block or Fluid Heat Exchanger (FHE) as it is called is multi cell, single channel and made up of monolithic copper. It has an extremely small foot print compared to most water blocks at 42 x 42 x 17 mm but does weigh a respectable 195g.

Keeping with the ready to go straight out of the box, the FHE come nicely pre-greased with a paper-thin layer of thermal compound.

Ooooh Pretty Pictures

Now traditionally I don't say much about a products manual, but I was so impressed with the Freezone's that I just couldn't resist.

Unlike the cryptic, small, and badly worded manuals that I'm used to, CoolIT has included full color pictures and directions for every step of the install process complete with the removal of your current CPU heatsink and rear exhaust fan.

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