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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.09.06]
Manufactured by: NZXT


With the Lexa, NZXT has once again been able to release something new and completely original into a market where new and original offerings are typically few. Whether you love the symmetric design of the Lexa or absolutely abhor it, like every other NZXT case it is able to illicit an almost instant reaction.

Though sound in so many areas, I was disappointed to see that NZXT was willing to trade off functionality in exchange for aesthetics when it comes to the rear arc. I understand that screws are perhaps necessary in order to stabilize and strengthen the plastic arc, however I don't think it should have come at the expense of the side panels functionality...especially in a case that is touted as having a "screw less installation". Perhaps a better idea would have been to cut out the screw holes in the side panel around where the rear arc connects to the chassis then perhaps allowing the arc to remain in place while the door was removed.

The rear arc issue aside however, the Lexa is yet another great case from NZXT. The Lexa's mirror finish and brushed aluminum front bezel, along with a perfectly placed LCD display and three 120mm case fans make for a complete package. Add in the clean symmetric lines and a reasonable price point, and the Lexa is definitely a case that should be on your radar.

To top it all off, NZXT offers some of the best support in the industry. A simple post on the support forum can have your issue resolved in a matter of minutes. In my browsing I've seen a number of instances where NZXT has sent replacement parts directly to the consumer site unseen for issues that are no fault of their own. With a support policy like that it won't take NZXT long to build on their already furiously loyal fan base.

Bottom line. If you want a high quality case, inside and out, that stands out in a crowd, the Lexa from NZXT is a perfect choice.


  • Three 120mm fans + one 80mm
  • LCD Display
  • Flip down PCI retension bracket
  • Tool Less Drive Rails
  • Thin and Light Aluminum Construction
  • Included Carrying Strap
  • "perfect" symmetry!

  • Multiple Rear Plastic Arc Issues
  • No Removable Motherboard Tray