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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.09.06]
Manufactured by: NZXT


All Lit Up

When powered up with a full system installed, the Lexa's two 120mm LED fans emit a nice blue glow. Also notice the power button to the right on the LCD display on the front bezel. The reset button is hidden away behind the bezel door.

The front LCD display also is backlit blue to match the rest of the case lighting. The bezel mounted LCD display monitors system, CPU, and hard drive temperature (using the included thermal probes).

Located at the very top of the front bezel, just above the bezel door, the Lexa's LCD location is pretty much perfect, and very much improved over that of the Trinity and the Nemesis Elite.

There is also a thin LED located in the middle of the front bezel which displays hard drive activity.

Would You Like that To Go?

Last but not least, the Lexa comes with one extra little perk. Plastic rear arc aside, the Lexa was designed using extremely thin aluminum that allows it to weigh in at a very respectable 12.8lbs (without PSU). With this in mind, you might be more apt to want to transport your shiny new Lexa around town in order to show off how symmetric you really are.

To that end, NZXT has included an easy to use carrying strap.


The carrying strap looks and feels pretty much exactly the same as the ones included in DFI's Lanparty motherboard bundle, and is a nice value added addition.

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