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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [02.09.06]
Manufactured by: NZXT


Down Under

Continuing with the Lexa's external we notice some nice attention to detail on the bottom of the case.

The little rubber feet help to keep the Lexa in place on any surface while adding ample stability without taking away from the Lexa's aesthetic value.

Another nice little detail is found on the Lexa's side panel.

The spring loaded black door "handle" is pushed backward to latch and unlatch and can be locked in place using the included keys. Of course with the rear arc screwed in place, this nice little tool-less feature becomes pretty much redundant.

Stealth Ports

The Lexa's front input ports are nicely stowed away on the lower right hand side of the case.

NZXT includes front ports for not only the standard USB and audio ports, but also a single fire wire port.

The side case window is same basic design as the ones features in each of NZXT's last three cases, this one boasting a 120mm filtered LED fan with little ridges on the outside.

I would have liked to see some sort of rear fan guard here (it's default orientation is blowing out), as it's very easy for internal cables to get caught in the fan blades when placed at this location.

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